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What types of aggregates do you handle?
All Purpose Sand, A Gravel, Driveway Stone, 3/4 Crushed (Drainage Gravel), Chips and Dust (Patio Base), Pea Stone, Large Riverstone 1-3" and Small Riverstone 3-6", Bedding Sand (for use under Interlocking Pavers, Flagstone & Patio Stones), and Field Stone 6-10".

How are aggregates sold?
Most aggregates are sold by the 40 lb bag or bulk by the yard.

How much do aggregates weigh?
Gravel is the heaviest around 2,860 pounds per cubic yard. All the other aggregates are around 2,600 pounds per cubic yard.

What is the volume of a 40 lb bag of aggregates?
The volume in a 40 lb bag will vary somewhat, but will generally be around 11 to 12 Litres per bag (28.33 Litres = 1 Cubic Foot).

Can I have the aggregates delivered?
Yes, all aggregates can be delivered with our small 5 yard trucks or our larger 20 yard trucks and combined with any one other bulk material order up to a maximum of 20 yards in St. Thomas and surrounding area.

How many yards do I need?
Multiply length in feet, times width in feet, to get the number of Square Feet. Divide the Square Feet by 27 and the answer by 12 times the number of inches of product you want to use. For Example: For an Area 10 feet by 10 feet 4 inches deep the equation would be 10 X 10 = 100 divided by 27 = 3.7037 divided by 12 =.3086 multiplied by 4 inches = 1.23 yards. If you have any questions on this formula contact 519-631-2241 and a member of our staff will be pleased to assist you.


What can I dispose of at the yard?
Brush, Stone or Concrete (NO STEEL), Leaves, Clean Fill, Grass Clippings and Sod (soil and grass removed from a lawn).

Do I have to separate disposal items?
Yes, all disposal items must be separated and placed in their appropriate containment area.

What items do you not accept for disposal?
Steel, Concrete containing Steel, Logs larger than 3" diameter, Railroad Ties, Building Materials, and all Treated Wood.

How much does the disposal cost?
Bags, Small Containers
Small Utility Trailer
Pick-up Truck
Heaped Pick-up Truck
Larger 10' Trailer
1 Ton Stake Truck
Stake with Large Trailer
$02.00 Each.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express at our location.

Can I pay with an Interac Debit Card?
Yes, our location accepts payment using a Debit Card.

Do you ship using C.O.D.?
Yes, orders can be placed by phone with C.O.D. payment terms. When the load is delivered, you will be expected to pay in full by Cash or Cheque.

What does C.O.D. stand for?
C.O.D stands for Cash (or Cheque) On Delivery.


Is delivery available on all products?
Yes, we have delivery available on everything we sell.

What does delivery cost in the London area?
The cost of delivery is $42.00 local and other areas priced upon request.

How many yards are there in a truck load?
Our smaller trucks hold 4 to 5 yards, depending on product. Our larger trucks can hold 20 yards per load.

How far ahead of the desired delivery date should I order?
Usually orders received by noon can be delivered that day. In the busy seasons, it may be wise to order early on the day before delivery is required.